About Us


Leaders After Hours is a local community  outreach program that assists grades 6-12 with   developing skills that will assist them throughout their lives, including problem  solving, reflection, communication, writing, public speaking, and more.

Leaders  After Hours students’ written and  creative visual work, as well as that of other area students are featured regularly in our parent company’s publications and websites. Gatehouse Media, which owns The Leader, The Horseheads Shopper, and The Steuben Courier Advocate, as well as hundreds of other newspapers and digital media companies nation wide.

Supporting this program is an excellent way to support the next generation of professionals and consumers in our local area.  There are A LOT of ways to get involved with Leaders After Hours!

We offer a number of writing contests, college essay reviews, interview workshops, problem solving workshops, reflection programs and project based learning projects to all students in the local area.

This year we are pleased to be able to offer our programs both in person and ONLINE, which means that we can help even more students succeed.  How totally awesome is that?!

Stay tuned to our blog to learn more about what we can offer to you!